We Offer the following Services:

1. ISO 5500x - Ensuring alignment with recognized international standards

  • Audits/Assessmemts
  • Creation/Alignment of Asset Management standards

2. Whole of Life Asset Management Planning - Maximizing ROI from capital investment

  • Asset Management Plans
  • Tracking Tools
  • Financial forecasting models

3. Maintenance Strategy Development - The right maintenance to maximise runtime and minimise surprises

  • From development through to the right work package in the tradie's hands
  • Large FMECA library, covering most asset types to maximise efficiency

4. Operational Readiness - Setting up new projects for success

  • Operational readiness framework and assessments
  • Qualified and experienced resources

5. Asset Management Business Processes and Systems - Simple, effective and efficient processes and systems to drive consistent positive outcomes.

  • Optimisation
  • System design and implementation
  • Integration

6. Asset Management Digitisation - Making the most of your data to drive improved operational outcomes

  • Readiness Assessments
    -Big Data
  • Asset Health / Performance Management
  • SmartData & Dashboarding