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The AVO approach to asset management combines many years of hard won experience with contemporary knowledge of equipment life cycle management.

We value open, honest and transparent communication with our clients to ensure we meet their expectations and enable them to deliver the best business results.

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Industry Leading Techniques


AVO Consulting believes that in order to add the most value to our clients, it is important we understand our client’s business and provide consistent people who build the necessary relationships.

Success From Teamwork


AVO Consulting invests in our team, motivating and including all staff members in successful client relationships is our focus which is a driver for your success.

Quality Assurance


Practicing what we preach has enabled us to reach our internal and external goals. The dedication we invest in our processors has enabled us to gain ISO 9001 quality assurance certification.

Our Services


About Our Company

AVO Consulting is here to help clients develop and implement strategies and plans that will allow them to deliver on their business outcomes. To do this, we perform business development and customer relationship management functions, managing the overall business in terms of strategy, finances and marketing to ensure sustainability and success by establishing the business and building a decent customer base.

In addition, we deliver cost effective and future-defining solutions to customers with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction, which in turn will help build a network of repeat customers. We also manage the development and implementation of marketing strategies and plans.

More importantly, we develop end of engagement reports which define engagement findings and evaluation work, as well as identify and execute improvements in current procedures and processes.