About Our Company

Company Values

  • Safety - Always consider safety in everything you do, whether it be outcomes or behaviour.
  • Integrity - Act with integrity in all circumstances.
  • Value - Deliver value to your customers.
  • Innovate - Find solutions to suit our customer's real world circumstances and problems.
  • Integrate - Develop a solution with consideration of where and how it fits in the bigger picture. Nothing exists in isolation.
  • Respect - Treat others with dignity and respect.
  • Engagement - Deliver solutions to ALL stakeholders.

Our Leadership

Jaco Brand, Director

Jaco established AVO Consulting in 2019 and, prior to his current position, held various senior roles in a variety of industries and cultures.

Jaco has specialised in asset management for the past 15 years, with previous roles in engineering, manufacturing, and project management.

Jaco has tertiary qualifications in mechanical engineering, data metrics and business administration.